5 Reasons to Stay at Virgin Beach Resort Cebu

It’s been so hot this past few days so hitting the beach or a swimming pool is a good idea. I was scrolling online looking for a place to visit when I found the Virgin Beach Resort in Daan Bantayan.  I have never explored the Northern part of Cebu that much, which is ironic because I’m from the North, so when given the chance, I’ll go grab it for sure. The islands of Bantayan and Malapascua are on the top of my list but there’s a part of me that says I should try it there first.

And so finally, I had my much needed getaway at the Virgin Beach Resort and it didn’t disappoint  me. I love the place very much which is why I made you a short list on reasons why you should visit Virgin Beach Resort! I would’ve given you 20 reasons if I had another day or two to explore the resort. 😀

  1. Cozy rooms.

The rooms are too cozy that I slept for like more than 8 hours! There are many room types to choose from depending on the number of your group, your budget, and your lifestyle. There’s the Barkada Lodge, good for a group of 12 persons, the Orchid Cottages, or you can put up a tent by the beach if you wish. We stayed in the Orchid Hotel and the room is  just so perfect. There are tables and chairs outside the room right at the veranda where you can sip a cup of coffee, read a book, feel the sea breeze or whatnot. Room rates here.


2. Delicious food and friendly staff.

I believe that lutong-bahay is still the best! And there’s more of that here. You’ll instantly fall in love with the food they serve, not to mention it is very affordable. I also love the gorgeous view of the pool and the beach from the restaurant.  And the warm hospitality from the resort staff is outstanding.



    3. Perfect sunrise view.

I’ve never been much of a morning person so it’s not fun to wake up for sunrise, but it sure is beautiful! Although the beach is rocky, still the view is so stunning. I can’t stop  taking photographs! Lol!


   4. Very peaceful.

If you’re looking for serenity, this is the perfect place for you. I’m not really into swimming pools but theirs is just so enticing! It is not that deep so it’s perfect for kids and families. I also love the design of the hotel lobby which  is very homey that you will certainly feel like you are just on your own living room.




5. It’s so green.

Well this one is my favorite. The entire resort is surrounded with lots of trees and plants. The tropical feels of the resort  will definitely leave you feeling relaxed.





How to get there:

From Cebu City North Bus Terminal take the Ceres Bus Lines bus “Daanbantayan, Maya via Bagay” to Virgin Beach Resort in Malbago, Daanbantayan.  The conductor will let you off at the waiting shed just before the Malbago Elementary School.  You can text Junior at 0917-307-8341 and he can pick you up by VBR Jeepney.


Thanks to Virgin Beach Resort for the warm hospitality! All opinions are my own.

What do you think about the Virgin Beach Resort? I would love to hear them! 🙂




33 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Stay at Virgin Beach Resort Cebu

  1. Such an amazing place. I would love to go there and free my mind for a little bit, amazing paradise. Just looking at this photos I felt relaxed. Thanks for this post because I never knew before that this place existed.

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  2. This looks really tranquil. What a paradise Cebu really is. I really miss it so much. Wish I could go back there one of these days.


  3. The resort offers a whole complete packet. The rooms look cozy and comfort, not to mention the food and the surround. Wake up in the morning staring the sun rise like on your photo must be paradise. Another great reference to travel in Philipine.


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