Midday Excursions: Mangitngit Falls

It’s just another ordinary summer’s day in Carmen and I felt the need to go outside. Good thing I overheard my neighbor saying that Mangitngit Falls is now re-opened to the public. It’s just a ride away so I thought I’ll just check it out. Mangitngit Falls was closed by the municipal officials back in 2007 due to a landslide incident to ensure the public’s security.

Mangitngit Falls came from the Cebuano word ngit-ngit which means “dark”. The area is now rehabilitated with pools and cottages, although trekking to the main falls is strictly prohibited(for now, I think). To be honest I was kind of disappointed with the place when I arrived. Maybe I just expected more of “untamed nature”just like the other waterfalls in Southern Cebu. It’s just another Uragay and Durano Eco Farm in the making.

The resort has lots of pools with different depths which makes it a great place for family bonding, class reunions, barkada trip and company outings. Here are some photos taken during the day:



Cottages can be rented for Php400.


The construction of the place is on-going. Business as usual.


What I love about this pool is the shade! Soaking under the sun for a long period of time especially with no sunblock protection is harmful. But not in here.










How to get there:

Almost all Ceres buses will pass through the town of Carmen from Cebu North Bus Terminal. Just tell the conductor to drop you at the Carmen Public Market just across Metro. A habal-habal ride will take you directly to the resort, back and  forth fare should not be more than Php70/person. The place has a parking area for private cars. The entrance fee is  Php50. Cottages are available at Php400 and Php1,500. For now, you have to bring your own provisions.

FullSizeRender (1)
The Mangitngit Falls
This is the closest I could get to capture a photo.


How’s your summer so far? What do you think about Mangitngit Falls?



17 thoughts on “Midday Excursions: Mangitngit Falls

  1. Such a serene, beautiful place. Is this a private place or a public one. I see you indicated about parking lots and cost but can’t seem to find if this is private or not.

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  2. Great blog post. I’ve been in Mangitngit Falls 2 years ago, during my visit, it was still closed. But I was given a chance to view its natural beauty. Just after reading your blog post, I want to visit the Falls again.


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