Osmeña Peak-Trekking & Camping

There’s something about trekking that I find relaxing. It’s nice to escape the concrete jungle once in a while and enjoy the outdoors. And that’s the best thing about being in Cebu because nature and adventure are just a drive away. Never boring. You can get both thriving cities and beaches to mountains all within the same island.

Osmeña Peak is the highest mountain in Cebu and is already becoming a favorite among hikers due to its picturesque view. It is already my second time to trek the Osmeña Peak but this one is more memorable for me since we didn’t camp the first time. How to get to Osmeña Peak? Click here.

There are two options to reach the peak, the long trail or the short trail. I suggest the first one if you want to feel more of nature’s wonder. You don’t need to be a seasoned mountaineer to hike the Osmeña Peak. It’s just like a walk in the park, but with greener view. Local kids actually volunteer to guide the visitors.. See? Kids can do it!



Osmeña Peak is very very cold and foggy at night!  We can’t sleep so we all just drank the night away. Sounds perfect! Lol!



Everything is beautiful from the top! The Negros island can be seen on the west side. We were planning to traverse to Kawasan Falls but we didn’t really have much time. Maybe on my next visit, that’s for sure!

Pescador Island in Moalboal can be seen from afar.



Have you experienced mountain trekking? Tell me about it.



27 thoughts on “Osmeña Peak-Trekking & Camping

  1. The one time I did was at Mt. Manabu. It was an experience I would love to have again, and again. Yes, you are indeed lucky living in Cebu where there is so much nature.

    At Mt. Manabu, I came across three hikers who are all nearly 60 years old. They climb everyday! It’s their enjoyment and exercise.


  2. IT’s the second post of yours that I read in 2 days and I’m more and more in love with the landscapes you show! I love trekking but I mainly do it in South Italy where the cliffs are less complex. I think making your same experience would be a great challange!


  3. i like looking at your blog posts especially this one. I like nature type adventure, something that I didn’t get to do when I was living in the Philippines. All I did back then was study and study, not that study isn’t important. I would love to travel the Philippines again. May be next year.


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