A New Perspective

As much as I enjoying traveling to different places, there’s really nothing quite like exploring your own–and telling the world about it. I always thought my hometown was the ugliest place on the planet until I have begun to travel. Travel has like given me new set of “eyes”. And I came to realize, Carmen is indeed a very beautiful place.

Here are some photos taken while jogging on the country side(neighboring city of Danao) with my dad. I’ll be posting some beautiful sites found in Carmen very soon! 🙂

Oops! Please excuse my dog.


Hello there Jon Snow! I hope you don’t mind me inserting my dogs in this post. Lol!


How about you? Tell me about your hometown. 🙂







31 thoughts on “A New Perspective

  1. I know what you mean! I’ve lived in so many places too. Mostly I consider NJ my hometown because I lived the most years there even though I grew up in Philly. What I came to appreciate was the beach. Having it right there most of us took it granted. After I moved away, I couldn’t go to the beach enough.

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  2. Ha-ha, I know what you mean. I was born and raised in Boston, Ma. All the great things there are things I grew up being a part of, but you don’t realize the meaning and beauty plus the history all around you until you move away.

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  3. Nice pictures and I like your dog. The town I live in is very small, but it’s old and it has very interesting buildings. I live near the quay, where there are a lot of cute coffee shops, where the boats are anchored and where the promenade towards the beach starts.

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  4. I am sure when readers see your photos, especially urban dwellers, would appreciate the fresh air and nature. As for me, raw materials were imported from China and made in the Philippines. LOL! The hometown I remember is the old city of Manila.

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  5. LOL. What’s with the random dog?

    It’s true what they say. You don’t appreciate what is right on your doorstep. I live on the coast. The beach is a 5 minutes walk away but I rarely go as it’s always there.

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  6. I feel exactly what you mean ! But I don’t really think there is an ugly country even tho I think the same of mine. Probably because I don’t explore 🙂

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  7. I live in Danao and reading your appreciation of golf course makes me happy. Before, I jog here everyday till a friend told me that its not good to hill run everyday so I just jog here every Monday.
    Anyhow I am happy of your new perspective that it inspires me to write something about Danao and explore this City in the North.
    I am excited to learn new places in Carmen since its just one trike ride away 😋

    PS. I can’t wait for that mini zoo in Carmen to open. I heard they also have various flowers and ornamental plants. ☺


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