The Short Ride

This is probably the highest waterfall I have ever visited. We left early from Binalbagan and my friend’s wife suggested Mag-Aso Falls in Kabankalan City since it is just so near. And by near she means 1 hour of habal-habal ride(approx. 38km) under the scorching heat of the sun! Lol! But it doesn’t matter. If we were looking for comfort then we should’ve stayed at home, right?

What I loved about the place is that it is very family friendly. Families can go outing here since there’s no trekking required so kids and oldies are welcome here.



The water of the pool came from the waterfall. Wow! It rhymes! Lol!


Cottages are available for rent.








47 thoughts on “The Short Ride

  1. Beautiful waterfall, I look at your picture and I can almost feel the cold breeze from the falling water, cooling down the hot air. Can you swim underneath it, or is it too powerful?


  2. Hey, this is so cool. Until I started reading more blogs especially on travel, I never knew how beautiful the country is. Forget the cities, we have NATURE! I think one reason for the growth of local tourism is because of travel blogging that has brought awareness to destinations.


  3. You keep finding the coolest places! Places that I have only ever seen in movies – looks like a great time. Waterfalls rank in my favorite types of place!


  4. WoW , just wow !!! I think , I need to pay more attention to travel blogs , the photos I have seen recently are just out of this world , like yours here ! There are so so many stunning places we have never heard about , and we would never get to know without you and your fellow blogger ! Thanks for this amazing post , these photos are breathtaking !


  5. Hay Franco, that’s very true in provinces that when they say it’s near but the truth is… it takes a few kilometers and could last at least an hour pa. But despite of that, it’s sulit naman because of that wonderful falls.


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