Rolling in the River

The Bojo River Cruise in the town of Aloguinsan is just the perfect getaway this summer. Everyone’s heading to the beach so why not go to somewhere with fresh water for a change.You can always opt for waterfalls since Cebu has tons of it, but I will still go for the Bojo River Cruise. Haven’t  tried it anyway.

The adventure begins here.


This might be a cliche but travelling to places often leaves some kind of a life lesson, either good or bad. I remember that time when I almost lost my phone in Malaysia, I have been more careful since. I was fortunate enough it wasn’t really lost or something more terrible or serious has happened. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way.

Anyways,there are 3 things Aloguinsan has taught me that I will surely remember on my next travel:

  1. It helps if you will act like a local

You’ll never know how blending in with the locals could go a long way. I overheard 2 foreigners, Koreans I think, travelling with a Filipina friend. They asked the guide regarding the habal-habal fare why it is too costly. Imagine paying Php150  which is more than twice the regular fare of Php60! It is given that locals see tourists as “walking dollars” but this is where Google comes in handy.



2. If you have the time, research

Speaking of researching, if I have researched more about Bojo River Cruise, my experience would have been more sulit. Walk-in package is P400 per head and includes river cruise and swimming. The full tour package is P650 per head for a minimum of five persons. This includes a welcome lei, welcome drinks, lunch along the Bojo River, snacks at The Farmhouse, handicraft demo, bojo river cruise, and swimming. But the full tour package requires to be booked at least days before the visit. Tssssss!




3. Always bring extra cash

I know this is pretty basic but I was really confident at that time that I won’t run out of cash. I also challenged myself if I can stick to a budget. But things that are out of control still happens even if you’re still so optimistic, like there was no available bus to Cebu City. The only choice was to cut trips which means more expenses. I almost did not take dinner because of that.  At the end of day, my purse still has–Tadaaaa! Php50! Haha I made it! Okay but next time, there should be extra cash for contingencies.:)




How about you? What life lessons did you learn on your travels?




31 thoughts on “Rolling in the River

  1. Good tips and beautiful photos here! Well done on putting all this together, and thank you for sharing! My #1 tip is not to over-plan. It’s good to also decide while you’re there the time you want to stay at a destination, and not to have pressure to leave. It is also the best to stay open for opportunities to share something with locals you meet along the way.

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  2. Looks like a fun place! For me, I am a little scared of water like that – MAJOR props to riding in the boat with your feet dangled over the edge like that. I have seen Anaconda and other creature feature films way too many times to be comfortable doing that! lol…. BEAUTIFUL pics, though 🙂

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