My Roadtrip Playlist

What would a trip be without music? It just feels so wrong(well at least for me). It’s actually during these (sometimes) long hours on the road that we have an opportunity to reflect about everything. I love music very much that is why I have lots of songs stored in my phone, which I set on shuffle whenever I’m on the road, or in the office, or just simply when I’m bored. But some songs are just meant to ignite my inner wanderlust and in a way inspire me to travel more. So I thought I would share my current personal favorites with excerpts from its lyrics and youtube links:

10. You Gonna Fly– Keith Urban

“One, two, three baby don’t think twice/ Just like that you got a brand new life/ Hop in this truck and run through the red lights…”

9. Banjo– Rascal Flatts

You gotta go deep/ Way on back / Cross a few creeks/And a couple little shacks/ You gotta get lost/ Way on out…


8. Toes – Zac Brown Band
I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand/ Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand / Life is good today. Life is good today…”

7. Are You With Me – Easton Corbin

We can chase the wild dreams, live like crazy/ Love me baby, come on, come on, come on/ Just throw your arms around me/ We can run like we won’t run out of time…



6. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

“Just a small town girl/ Livin’ in a lonely world / She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere…”

5. Young and Crazy—Frankie Ballard
I wanna sit out on the porch / Telling stories ‘bout my glory days when I’m pushing eighty / How am I ever gonna get to be old and wise / If I ain’t ever young and crazy…




4. Overdrive — Eraserheads

Magda-drive ako buong taon / Magda-drive ako habang buhay / Magda-drive ako hanggang buwan…

3. Walk in the Country – Scotty McCreery

Walk in the country with me / Watch the sun sinkin’ down on the trees/ It’s gonna do us some good/ To get down in the woods/ Take a little walk in the country with me …


2. Carousel — Bamboo

Dared to see the world/ With your own two eyes / So you’ve made mistakes/ Now who’s wide awake…

1. Better Than This – Hunter Hayes

My bags were packed from the day I was born/ Knew there was something I was living for/ I found my place in a runaway car/ And I never looked back, never looked back …

How about you? What are your favorite songs to play while on the road?



27 thoughts on “My Roadtrip Playlist

  1. I love music. I don’t think I could last a day without listening to it. Music is so great in that it inspires, motivates, but also captures our emotions and hectic lives or an up-tempo song that makes us happy.
    Great post!


  2. Yessssss! I did a post similar to this earlier this month and I LOVE that you are country oriented as well! I heard from a few friends to make mine diverse because I am a little obsessed with country music, so I tried. But it was hard! Anyways, your playlist has some good ideas that I didn’t think to put in mine! Check mine out if you’d like 🙂


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