Truly Instagrammable: Sirao Flower Farm

There is a new buzz in social media these past few days, the Sirao Flower Farm located in the mountain barangay of Sirao. You won’t think that it is just located in Cebu City. It is in fact dubbed by some as the Little Netherlands of Cebu.IMG_20151031_164214

Upon reaching the farm, get your cameras ready and strike that instagram-worthy pose! As per my research, these flowers are called Celosia, although you can also spot some chrysanthemum and roses in the area. To be honest I expected a very vast farm planted with tall flowers. But I guess that’s just how photography works, perspective is everything.







Originally, the flowers are about to be harvested later in October but the owners decided to postpone it due to public demand. But being an instant tourist attraction has also its downfall. Some visitors are ruining the area, young plants are being stepped on and some flowers are picked (as shown in the images below).



These kids are taking care of the area.

Met these kids in the farm. They ran around playing with each other and climbed on hills and trees. I can see through their eyes the genuine happiness and I have realized that it’s not really something that is so complicated and hard to achieve.



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18 thoughts on “Truly Instagrammable: Sirao Flower Farm

  1. It’s a pity that some people they don’t care about the effort the farmers put to grow and take care these beatuiful flowers. I can spend hours there to enjoy the nature and of course taking pictures 🙂


  2. The pictures are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. And the bit about the kids really touched my heart. I guess you couldn’t be more right. Being happy should be more simple than what we deem it to be.


  3. Great pictures and such a beautiful collection of flowers, never seen flowers like those before but with your pictures, I felt like I was there.


  4. Beautiful place! I’ve had few celosias on my balcony, they’re really stunning flowers, even though they were rather short 😉


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