Kota Kinabalu Graffiti

Before you can reach Gaya Street just across Suriah Sabah Mall, you can’t miss this old building ruins covered in colorful graffiti art. I’m already beginning to love this kind of art cause it is a proof that everyone can be an artist.

Graffiti gives life to dull buildings and adds color to certain spots in a city that seems to be forgotten already. Some also use graffiti as a way to let their voices be heard. To express how they feel whether it is politics, about their passion, hatred, anger etc. It is amazing how they can convert them into something visual. The creativity plus the message it can convey truly makes it a complete work of art.

Graffiti can sometimes be associated with vandalism but I think the world is a one giant canvas and those who actually have the courage to unleash their imagination and see things from a different perspective, can only see the true potential in everything. IMG_20150728_235426_1

IMG_20150728_235247_1 IMG_20150805_185645_1



IMG_20150803_173241 image-d65507a8c950fa48ffb8b8c5af549eafec91e7f81b783b5d84e064f9381efc00-V_1

There is so much street art that I’ve seen already but also a lot that is completely new to me and that I cannot wait to discover!



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