Fun in Samboan

The original plan was a trip to Samboan for Aguinid Falls. But I guess there is more to Samboan than what we expected.

Samboan is located in the southernmost part of Cebu. You can take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal (Php 175.00 ,travel time approx. 5 hours). This waiting shed/monument at the town proper will serve as the stopover.

The Samboan WWII Volunteers Monument, at the center of Poblacion on the National Highway, was built in honor of the many volunteers who served as watchmen and cargadors to the Cebu guerillas during the Second World War..

St. Michael Archangel Church is one of the oldest Spanish-built churches in Cebu, with its façade made of coral stones.

The Watch Tower is another Spanish structure, also made up of blocks of coral stones. It was built on the side of the hill to watch out for Moro invaders approaching the island. It is the tallest and best preserved in the entire island of Cebu. info from wikipedia

There are lots of tricycle and habal-habal parking around the area which can bring you to the entrance of Aguinid Falls (fare should not go beyond Php10.00). Aguinid Falls is very accessible, it is located in Barangay Tangbo, near the highway. Parking area is also available. 

Entrance to the falls is Php 20.00 only, a guide is available at your discretion. You can leave your backpacks on the reception area and bring important things with you (ziplocks are available for sale). The place can be so crowded during the weekends.

The waterfalls comprise five different tiers along Tangbo River. Each tier has a unique waterfall. You can reach the peak or the last waterfall through climbing the limestone walls of each waterfall from the lowest to highest.

It was raining hard during our visit so the water is not clear. The rain added more fun to the experience anyway so it’s okay. 🙂

Finally!! At the 5th level of the waterfalls. 🙂

Next stop is Dao Falls. There is no need to change for dry clothes, you will be wet anyways when you reach the next waterfall. 

It is located in Barangay Suba, just 20 minutes away from Tangbo if you are riding a tricycle/habal-habal. It is considered to be the highest among the waterfalls in Samboan and probably the hardest to reach. You can pay the entrance fee of Php 20.00 at the jump-off, where you can also find some villagers who are willing to guide you to the falls. Trek from the jump-off is 30-45 minutes, depending on your pace. The way to Dao falls  requires endurance and  is certainly not for the faint of heart.

This is actually my favorite part of the trek, the creaky bamboo bridge!!

You might want to swim here (approximately 4 meters deep).

                                          The trek to the top is seriously risky, it is very muddy (due to the rain).

                                                                                    This feet ain’t tired. 😉

The hardwork has finally paid-off with this amazing view.

Ice cold water and fresh air, really perfect for swimming on summer. (Water near the falls is 5 to 6-feet deep).

Truly there is no shortage of fun in Samboan! More waterfalls to chase next time and I heard there are some must-visit resorts too. I’ll be back, I promise!  -fndb

Note: Photos used on this blog are mine unless otherwise stated. 🙂


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