Brunch at M+S Cafe

The interiors emit a feel of a country home vibe which diners will sense upon stepping in … More Brunch at M+S Cafe


Wildlife Up-close

This is the first zoo that I have been to in a long time so I was pretty excited about this trip.  Cebu Safari & Adventure Park is located in a mountain barangay of the town of Carmen north of Cebu, Philippines.  They have a good collection of animals- lions, tigers, camels, zebras, crocodiles, different kinds … More Wildlife Up-close

Testing the Waters

Those cabins by the lake like you see on movies got me pretty excited about this trip. Of course minus the bad things that happens when you’re there. Lol! Going to the Twin Lake  (Lake Danao and Lake Balinsasayao) on a rainy weekend might sound a bad idea but there’s no way I’m wasting that 5-hour trip … More Testing the Waters

Just in Time!

A wristwatch has always been essential on my daily life. And Barbas and Zacari watches is just the perfect deal! Barbas & Zacári Watches is a watch brand established by two entrepreneurial designers from Melbourne, Australia. What I love about Barbas and Zacari is its minimalist style that can be worn anywhere; be it on my travels, in … More Just in Time!